The Essential of The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

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Recently I was meditating and brain storming as to what constitute, or in other words, what are the characteristics of the “Entrepreneur’s Mindset.” As I continued to explore and analyze this whole concepts, some ideas began to surface and unfold.

One of the ingredients that stands out in my mind was “Courage.” I then started to explore the definition in my mind and came up with an answer. In my own word I stated that courage is the innate passion that propels you to take positive action when confronted with a situation.

However, I was not satisfied with just defining courage and settle with that characteristic, so I continued to explore. At this juncture, I started assessing my personal ability as to the factors and variables that become the driving force that propel my “Entrepreneurial Spirit” and “Entrepreneur’s Mindset” and discovered that there are other innate essentials which I will share with you.

The Essential of The Entrepreneurs Mindset

[box]I started reminiscing on or looking back at some courses I did on leadership and ideas started flowing. Here are some of the essentials of the “Entrepreneur’s Mindset I discovered: Passion, Courage, and Resourcefulness. There are other, but they just did not surface at the moment, so I continued to make a rough draft of my ideas and insights.[/box]

I am always interested in “Economics” and technical Progress as the world around us turns and transitions itself. I realized that technological progress has been changing the way we live, think, and transact Business in our Daily life of Commerce and the only way to keep abreast with it is Change My Personal Way of Thinking.

Creating and Employing The Positive Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Books That Have Changed The Entrepreneurs Mindset & Contributed to Success

Highly Effectively People

Highly Effectively People

With this new way of thinking I started to explore new resources that would help me to develop my “Entrepreneur’s Mindset” in order to build a solid and unshaken foundation on which to build, so just to mention a few, I purchased Books such as [ilink url=”″]The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,[/ilink] [ilink url=”″]The Purpose Driven life,[/ilink] [ilink url=”″]Think and Grow Rich,[/ilink] [ilink url=”″]The Spirit of leadership[/ilink] and [ilink url=”″]The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.[/ilink]

[box]Dr. Stephen Covey has written extensively on “leadership in essence taking control of your Personal development and self enrichment.” Million copies of his books have been sold around the world and still remain a Best Selling book. I definitely recommend this book in conjunction with the other books to any person or persons aspiring to achieve personal and financial success.[/box]

The Essential of The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

[box]I must give credit to Dr. Randall Pinkett who profoundly expanded on the subject in such a professional and effective way by incorporating and bringing into focus the 5 essentials of The Entrepreneur’s Mindset as follow:[/box]

(1) Creativity

(2) Resourcefulness

(3) Courage

(4) Resilience

(5) Passion

[box]Dr. Randall Pinkett suggested that only those who are able to compete by doing more with less will survive, and also those who are able to embrace, apply, and innovate will compete. Those who do not will fall by the wayside.[/box]

It’s imperative to to change the way you thing in order to achieve success. I concur with Catherine Ponder in her book, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” which states that”Success is created Mentally First” and One should “Persist in Picturing Success” and having the “Right Attitude Will Pay Your Bill.”

Personal Development The Key Factor and Ingredient for Personal Success

Personal Development The Key Factor and Ingredient for Personal Success

One of the paramount questions being asked or lingers in one’s mind relating to success and failure, is  “Why do people quit during their quest for success?” Researchers have come up with various answers which seem closely related  but lack the correlation of the primary factor and ingredient which is [ilink url=”″]Personal Development The Key factor and ingredient for Personal Success[/ilink]

Personal Development is transitioning yourself from being a follower to a leader. You will know this by conducting an analysis test on your present position and the answer will be astounding to you. At this juncture will determine that you have long passed that stage your are now at. At this point, you will make the change and accept the fact that you possess the quality, ability, and characteristics of a leader and implemented the change.

It is now imperative to start exploring resources provided by these founding fathers on Personal development and start immersing and improving yourself with these resources.

You Must Employ self-discipline And Maximize Your Time to Achieve  Success

Without  the imposition of self-discipline and maximization of time one’s effort will be Futile

[box]John C. Maxwell wrote a very comprehensive book “Leadership – Promises For Everyday life” He stated that “Great leaders always have self-discipline. As General Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “There are no victories at bargain prices.” When it comes to self-discipline, people choose one of two things: Either they choose the pain of discipline, which comes from sacrifice and growth, or they choose the pain of regret, which comes from taking the easy road and missing opportunities. Each person in life chooses.[/box]

[box]He also asserted  that “we must look for two areas of self-discipline in potential leaders. The first is in the area of the emotions. Effective leaders recognize that their personal reaction are their responsibility. The second area concerns time.  Every person on the planet is given the same allotment of minutes in a day. But each person’s level of self-discipline dictates how effectively those minutes are used. Discipline people maximize the use of their time.[/box]

I have conducted a personal research on the subject to determine why people quit due to frustration whenever they come upon obstacles, roadblocks, hindrances and hazards and found that many people who have been highly inspired and motivated started out with the dynamic and driving force to achieve their objective and goals.

After carefully analyzing these factors, such as motivation, drive, inspiration, and dynamism, I realized that these factors, although play a vital role, are not the propelling and compelling factors which enable a person to maintain consistency, be persistent, and  focused needed to achieve success.

Based on my findings, I also discovered that one of the most essential factors, which is “Personal Development and The Positive Mindset was missing. This ingredient has to be deliberately integrated into one’s character so that it forms that innate ability which intern create the second nature, patience,  and potential to persevere.

[box]The question now is, “How do I achieve this factor or ingredient into my life and character that becomes the power, dynamic and driving force in order to hurdle over obstacles?[/box]

[ilink url=”″]Personal Development The Key factor and ingredient for Personal Success [/ilink]can be achieved by making a concerted effort to acquiring resources that have been carefully created by some of the most successful people who are called business philosophers. These resources have been tested, proven, and used over decades by millions of people who also intern became highly successful and can also attest to these resources.

Personal Development The Key factor and ingredient for Personal Success is definitely and carefully designed to create and achieve personal development result

Just to mention a few of the pioneers who have paved the way and chart the course with their proven resources and exclusive highly effective ability have inspired millions over the world to achieve success.

[ilink url=”″]Jim Rohn[/ilink]

[ilink url=”″]Brian Tracey[/ilink]  


[ilink url=”″]Zig Ziglar[/ilink]

[ilink url=”″]Les Brown[/ilink] 

[ilink url=”″]John C. Maxwell[/ilink]

[ilink url=”″]Stephen R. Covey[/ilink]

My recommendation is to start reading resources designed specifically for[ilink url=”″]Personal Development[/ilink] to develop the the positive mindset and create the core values that will propel, augment, and enhance your innate ability to prevent, override, and overcome that weakness that form the base for quitting very easily.

Take the bull by the horn and start your personal project by personally developing yourself which will provide the direction for you to achieve success. Personal development is a must in your life in order to excel to unknown heights but you have to take the time out as suggested by these pioneers.