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This blog was created by Sonia, who is the owner of  “The Entrepreneur’s Mindset” blog. I would like to tell you in brief about myself and the reason I created this blog.  After I graduated from college, I went inquest of getting a top paying  job that would provide financial stability, enhance my personal growth and personal development,  and eventually catapult me to unknown heights. This article gives a brief description about Sonia and how it relates to me.

I did find that job  which was very rewarding with a lot of benefits and security. When I started the job I was placed in a leadership and  management position. I worked that job for a  x amount years satisfactorily, and got some commendations relating to my ability and performance in terms of executing my duties. I received those commendations because I truly believe in myself that I can accomplish whatever goals and objectives I have established.

How I Incorporate The Right Mindset & Personal Development To Maintain My Focus

However, as time marches on, a new management personal was hired and replaced the previous one. I had no problem working with anyone in leadership, but as soon as the new leader came on board, I realized that he was  a bit apprehensive and felt threatened for absolutely no reason as far as I am concerned. I am not saying this in any way offensive, or to even brag about anything, but just to show and highlight that anyone can excel even under unfavorable circumstances by creating that “Right Mindset” that will assist your “Personal Development,” and “Personal Growth” to cope.

In essence, I truly believe and convince that these characteristics when implemented, lead to Personal Success and achievement.

The only factor that came to my was that he probably saw that I was a no-nonsense person and would get the job done even under adverse condition which to me was the whole objective. I did not let any personal feeling affect me in any way whatsoever, but firmly believe that there was a difference in “Doing The Right Thing” and “Doing Things Right.” of which I chose to do “The Right Thing.” I discovered that to be successful you must develop the right mindset, a positive attitude, maintain your focus, and create a personal vision and a passion as your road map.

The Reason I created This Blog

It was at this juncture I discovered  my innate ability that I was self motivated and driven by my passion which is to be persistent and consistent. I also recognized that I was very passionate about “Personal Development” and “Personal Growth.” As a result these ingredients became the foundation of my thinking that insulates and help me to development my “Mindset” in a very profound, real, and logical way which has driven me to create my blog (The Entrepreneur’s Mindset) and share with others my vision and passion that has led me to think positively, and I might add, “Think and Grow Rich,”  according to “Napoleon Hill.” The following paragraphs will give a brief overview and account of the reasons I created my blog.

The Dynamic & Driving Force Behind My Blog Creation

The Entrepreneurs Mindset  blog is created on the premise to help entrepreneurs discover their true innate potential and transform it in the most viable way to create online wealth, at the same time helping other people to do the same.  My blog also focuses on the core component which is Personal development and Personal Growth as the key ingredients and dynamic driving force to achieve your goals

My blog presents a wealth of useful posts. These posts are designed to help you establish the core foundation of personal development on which to build your internet marketing business, experience, and your blogging success.

Personal Development is of paramount importance to all marketers and entrepreneurs blogger. It is also synonymous with success, and is very crucial to the Entrepreneur’s Mindset in order to achieve and attain your Goals and Objective.

Personal development affects every area of a successful and potential business entrepreneur’s mindset, which is the main reason I am embracing and introducing such vital commodity and ingredients

My Objective

My objective is to contribute consistently to this vast wealth of knowledge that is called the Entrepreneur’s Mindset by providing quality content and value in a positive manner with an aim to assist entrepreneurs blogger and potential bloggers with the same “Shared Vision” and goals, so that they can benefit, utilize the content in the most effective and successful way, and excel to unknown heights.

It is my passion and love for what I do best that drives me to invest a piece of myself from an educational perspective, to contribute my time and ability, to share my Tips, Ideas, and advice with audiences who are in search or quest of quality content with value that is in demand to fulfill and satisfy the need, and solve a problem that has been created.

One great philosopher states, that Greatness is achieved by doing Service to the Many. Also, Success is not Pursued, but attracted by you becoming an Attractive Person.

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  2. Hi Janess,

    Thank you for visiting my article. Also for your comment.

  3. Hi Sonia,

    I accidentally came across to your blog while finding some tips regarding entrepreneurship. Your blog does help me, and yes you’re right. Mindset and think positive to provide good quality blog.

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    • Hello Charlie,

      Thanks for your comment, visiting my blog and investing your time here. Certainly, your comment is inspiring. It’s the very reason I created this blog to empower and inspire people to achieve success as they discover their true potential. That’s my objective. Please visit ahgain!

  4. Thank you Geckos for adding your input. Appreciated!

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