The Essential of The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

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Recently I was meditating and brain storming as to what constitute, or in other words, what are the characteristics of the “Entrepreneur’s Mindset.” As I continued to explore and analyze this whole concepts, some ideas began to surface and unfold.

One of the ingredients that stands out in my mind was “Courage.” I then started to explore the definition in my mind and came up with an answer. In my own word I stated that courage is the innate passion that propels you to take positive action when confronted with a situation.

However, I was not satisfied with just defining courage and settle with that characteristic, so I continued to explore. At this juncture, I started assessing my personal ability as to the factors and variables that become the driving force that propel my “Entrepreneurial Spirit” and “Entrepreneur’s Mindset” and discovered that there are other innate essentials which I will share with you.

The Essential of The Entrepreneurs Mindset

[box]I started reminiscing on or looking back at some courses I did on leadership and ideas started flowing. Here are some of the essentials of the “Entrepreneur’s Mindset I discovered: Passion, Courage, and Resourcefulness. There are other, but they just did not surface at the moment, so I continued to make a rough draft of my ideas and insights.[/box]

I am always interested in “Economics” and technical Progress as the world around us turns and transitions itself. I realized that technological progress has been changing the way we live, think, and transact Business in our Daily life of Commerce and the only way to keep abreast with it is Change My Personal Way of Thinking.

Creating and Employing The Positive Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Books That Have Changed The Entrepreneurs Mindset & Contributed to Success

Highly Effectively People

Highly Effectively People

With this new way of thinking I started to explore new resources that would help me to develop my “Entrepreneur’s Mindset” in order to build a solid and unshaken foundation on which to build, so just to mention a few, I purchased Books such as [ilink url=”″]The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,[/ilink] [ilink url=”″]The Purpose Driven life,[/ilink] [ilink url=”″]Think and Grow Rich,[/ilink] [ilink url=”″]The Spirit of leadership[/ilink] and [ilink url=”″]The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.[/ilink]

[box]Dr. Stephen Covey has written extensively on “leadership in essence taking control of your Personal development and self enrichment.” Million copies of his books have been sold around the world and still remain a Best Selling book. I definitely recommend this book in conjunction with the other books to any person or persons aspiring to achieve personal and financial success.[/box]

The Essential of The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

[box]I must give credit to Dr. Randall Pinkett who profoundly expanded on the subject in such a professional and effective way by incorporating and bringing into focus the 5 essentials of The Entrepreneur’s Mindset as follow:[/box]

(1) Creativity

(2) Resourcefulness

(3) Courage

(4) Resilience

(5) Passion

[box]Dr. Randall Pinkett suggested that only those who are able to compete by doing more with less will survive, and also those who are able to embrace, apply, and innovate will compete. Those who do not will fall by the wayside.[/box]

It’s imperative to to change the way you thing in order to achieve success. I concur with Catherine Ponder in her book, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” which states that”Success is created Mentally First” and One should “Persist in Picturing Success” and having the “Right Attitude Will Pay Your Bill.”

How To Build a Successful Business

Highly Effectively People

Highly Effectively People

How To Build a Successful Business

Most people are interested and motivated in starting an internet business with the sole aim to be successful. However, there is one main obstacle that usually faces these potential entrepreneurs and it’s the need for Training and Traffic to run their business.

You may not possess the skill and know-how to achieve this objective, but that does not erase the fat that it is attainable. You can grow your business using the term I call Piggy-Backing which is using available resources that is relevant to your line of business.

[box]Here is a good example that is certainly inspiring, motivating, and informational. This video provides a very broad scope of how you can achieve success with your business using these tips and insights. One of the ways to learn to grow a successful business is to get involve with [ilink url=””]companies that provides a wealth of resources[/ilink] that complement your business and help it to excel and grow.  [/box]

In essence, when you start a business you have to take into consideration start-up costs which include, Marketing & advertising, Overhead expenses, and various miscellaneous expenses. These tips and insights point to avenues that show you how to actually start your business without almost any start-up cost.

[box]Certainly a good word of advice is to ‘learn from The Pros.”  who have already invented and tested the business wheel. A Good lesson to learn is to start out with the “Right Entrepreneurial Mindset.”  which I have written about extensively on this blog in previous articles.[/box]

Personal Development is the Corner Stone & Foundation for success

[box]I have been a student of many of these highly effective and successful authors such as steven Covey who has inspired my through his book on [ilink url=”″]”7 Habits of highly effective people”[/ilink] and [ilink url=”″]I certainly recommend it[/ilink] to any person who is aspiring to personal develop him/herself to achieve success. Personal development is certainly the corner Stone and Foundation on which to build a successful business or career.[/box]

Having the Right Entrepreneurial Mindset is crucial to success because it helps you to create a vision, objective, and strategies that becomes the foundation of your business and also the propeller as the dynamic and driving force to move your business to the next level.

These factors are essential ingredients for the process based on the facts that things do not always go the direction we  intended for it to go, and as a result, when things go wrong, many people give up, throw in the towel, then roll over and play dead, and that’s the main reason why it it imperative to develop and integrate the right mindset to cushion these unseen unexpected business catastrophe when the happen. You will not be able to do it all by yourself, therefore surround yourself with people who will help and point you in the right direction through their experience, ability and skills.

My reason for emphasizing these factors are, just to affect your mindset in a positive way to take action by making mention of just a few people who have become very successful and have cross many bridges on their way to success. They have also testified to the fact that they have come across road blocks and obstacles but used them as stepping stones to their success by hurdling over them. Their success has revealed and make available these ingredients of How To Build a Successful Business.

In reality, they have stated the facts that they were not invincible to these hindrances, but because they created the Right Entrepreneurial Mindset they were able to turn what seems to be defeat into dividend and problems into profits and never gave up but continue to excel to unknown heights.

Recently I came across  two articles posted on the “[ilink url=””]Income Diary Blog[/ilink] “  These articles are very interesting and inspiring, and outlined some factors used by successful people like Warren Buffet and Will Smith. I would implore any person who are interested in becoming a successful entrepreneurs to read these article diligently.

These articles are Written by and Titled: (1) [ilink url=””]”What Entrepreneurs Need to Learn from Will Smith”[/ilink] (2) [ilink url=””]”How to Think Like Warren Buffett”[/ilink]

[box][highlight]I must testify and admit that these articles certainly propel, inspires, and motivated me to be consistent and patient while I pursue my goals and objectives, and this is the main reason why I am highlighting and making mention of  it here by way of sharing these profound written articles with such great values.  I  encourage everyone who has an intention to be successful to integrate and put the ingredients into action.[/highlight][/box]

This is an integral part of what I meant and stated previously by “Piggy-backing” that you can personally develop yourself by using these proven strategies and insights to grow your business.  Read them and practice them will certainly get result and pay off good dividends. Therefore I conclude by saying that learning from successful people is the right thing to do.

Here is a another great video example that you can use as a resourceful tool  to explore and utilize to promote your business.  I discovered that it is important to learn from different sources with different tools in order to become successful. One person cannot and will not know it all which fulfills the old adage that [quote]”No Man is an Island and No Man stands alone.”[/quote]

One great philosopher stated that learning is achieved when there is a changed in behavior. In essence, when you put what you learned into action, it shows that you learned something which resulted in your action.

Maintaining A Healthy lifestyle Enhances Personal Development And Growth

Maintaining A Healthy lifestyle Enhances Personal Development And Growth

The Diet Solution Program

Maintaining a stable Mindset and good physical Condition can lead to great success

Many times the question is asked about how can a person apply Personal Development and Growth to his or her life to achieve success? On most occasion, this question is answered by stating that all that is required is to develop yourself by reading books written by successful people and apply the principles.

From my personal experience, their are a combination of factors involved which must be incorporated into the process in order to achieve this desired goal, or objective.

However, on most occasion these factors are either ignored or deliberately left out. I will confidently state that the first ingredient that must be integrated into this process is a stable frame of mind, or in essence establishing the right mindset that will be the solid foundation on which to build.

Secondly this can only be achieve by getting your body in good physical condition that will enable you to function effectively so that you are able to pursue and implement the necessary mental  physical activities. Sometimes it can be very difficult by not knowing where and how to start, but I would suggest that you start working on your health based on the fact that it is the most essential ingredient in one’s life. Simply stated, without good health it is almost impossible to survive.

[box]Therefore, it is essential to start eating right, getting the required amount of sleep in order that the cells can rebuild and repair themselves, the organs can function at maximum level.  It is a know fact that people do ignore this vital important aspect of their lives maybe deliberately or for other reasons until certain signs begin to surface.  Let me reiterate by stating that you should not ignore these two areas in your life which are, maintaining a sound mindset and a good healthy lifestyle.[/box]

The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program

Personal Development and Growth, and maintaining a sound mind are interrelated and are the nails on which success are hanged.  Not having these two ingredients can certainly lead to dysfunctional behaviors and frustration due to the fact that they can become impeding factors that prevent you from achieving your goals.  In other words, a health hazard in your life.

If you are struggling as to where and how to get started, I strongly recommend you take some time out and look at [ilink

url=”″]The Diet Solution Program[/ilink] which is a great place to start. I call it a part of the Ergonomics process that most bloggers encounter.  This program certainly is a road map to living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your entire mental and physical being. The old motto or adage states that, “One has to take care of Number one before he can take care of Number two.” Simply put, you must first take care of yourself before you take care of someone else. Maintaining A Healthy lifestyle Enhances Personal Development And Growth which is of vital importance.

The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program


Learn The Three Basic Concepts You need to Know

The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program

(1) Know the exact foods that cause accelerated fat burning in your body.

(2) Know the particular foods that are preventing fat burning

(3) Put the right foods together in a certain way to create to create the Fat burning Effect.

Poor health diminishes your ability and potential to operate at your full capacity, and also impair your shared vision and objective. It is the best policy to begin working on yourself if you are in reasonable health and a positive state of mind. People around the world are becoming more conscious about their health, and as a result the level of awareness has been significantly raised globally. It raises the question that it is a very critical matter or subject which needs attention.

Uncovering the Real Secret of Cash Flow & How to Get Cash Flowing Straight to You!


You are Engineered for success

Secrets Of Wealth Creation

The Secrets Of Wealth Creation

Stephens Pierce is a successful well known internet Multi Millionaire and business coach for over a decade who went from being homeless to Self-made Millionaire. He created an empire of online businesses and owns three different coaching clubs.

He has been helping people around the word to create wealth by using the same principles he has used to become successful. He is also known as “The Powerhouses of the internet who also teaches people to create wealth by replicating his success.

He has has written many books on how to create wealth and has been thousands of copies around the globe. His books and resources have become a source of inspiration and motivation to thousands of people including myself.

His article “Uncovering the Real Secret of Cash Flow & How to Get Cash Flowing Straight to You!” will certainly inspire you to take the necessary action needed to achieve success as he explains how to “Uncovering the Real Secret of Cash Flow & How to Get Cash Flowing Straight to You!

Uncovering the Real Secret of Cash Flow

So how does cash really flow? And how can we have more cash flow to us?

The secret to this is in the problem-solution model.

People will always pursue the most immediate pressing solution to a problem. It’s just the way things are.

The key to being sought after and having people throwing their money at you is to find a solution to a problem.

People Have Problems and They Want Solutions

Why should people give you their money?

Just because you have something to sell does not mean people want to buy it. They will buy your product to solve some kind of problem.

However, you have to solve a problem in a unique way.

You need to create a desire or need for your solution compared to the solutions provided by other companies.

In fact, people need to crave your solution.

You need people craving what you specifically offer. You need to solve very specific problems for very specific people.

If you run a company you have to know what the problem is and give them the solution.

But you also need to make reality greater than the promise. You need to over deliver. When what you deliver is greater than the promise of what you deliver, you will find your business doing extremely well in no time.

You Can’t Underperform Against Your Promise

& Do Well Over the Long Run

When you over perform, people will come to you again and again and again. You create wealth by having these people. This process of cash flow is all wrapped up in what is the problem and here is the solution.

If you solve small problems you will make small money and if you solve big problems, you will make big money.

You need to understand supply and demand. When there is huge demand and small supply, the need for the solution goes up. Then you can charge more for your solution.

Here is How Cash Flows:

Money flows to those that solve problems for other people.

Transfer this to an index card and stick it somewhere where you will see it continually.

Now here’s another important concept that goes hand in hand with cash flow …

You need to reap and sow. A farmer knows that he has to sow his seeds; his seeds are nothing until he does that. In the reaping process he will be rewarded for his patience after he sows.

That is how it is with life. This is a powerful principle and spiritual law. You reap what you sow.

You prepare the soil, sow the seeds, water them and then grow the plants. You have to be patient to reap the rewards and you have to put the work into it. You can plant one seed and you may reap thousands more seeds than you planted.

You can sow many different things, money, time, wisdom. In the end though, you will reap from what you sow.

Where are you sowing? Don’t sew your seeds in bad soils, such as in a desert.

Think about where you are sewing your money and time.

Be sure to take control of what it is you are sowing today because that will allow you to control what you reap tomorrow.

Here’s something else you can do to get cash flowing your way – establish a daily success routine.

That’s right, a daily success routine. Desire is important if you plan on achieving your goals. Your habits are even more important in moving you towards or away from your goals.

You need a daily success routine that is fun, energetic and engaging and moves you towards your objectives.

How to Increase Your Wealth By Integrating Personal Development and Entrepreneurial Mindset


Your Success and personal authentic resources

Your Success

How to Increase Your Wealth By Integrating Personal Development and Entrepreneurial Mindset

Combining and Integrating Personal Development and the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Make Money.

Recently I was looking back into retrospect on the Industrial Revolution and how Technical Progress has revolutionized the world and increased production, brought about by the principles applied to achieve such great result. I continued to analyze the causes and effects resulted from these principles that propelled the founders to create and implemented these ideas.

NB: I must warn you that this post is a bit lengthy, but it well worth the effort to share this knowledge which is called a “Shared Vision” that will certainly motivate and inspire you.

Based on these principles, causes and effects, and ideas, I was highly motivated to write this post with the objective to highlight and exposed these principles which have been used for decades in the most successful and productive way, and as a result, brought increase in wealth creation.

[quote style=”boxed”]Adam smith one of the well known and renowned economists greatly contributed to the increase in production through his well accepted theory, “The Wealth of Nation.”[/quote]

This article focuses on applying the same principles into your business to achieve the same desired outcome of  [ilink url=”″ style=”tick”]increasing your Wealth to achieve Success[/ilink]by coordinating and Integrating Personal Development and the Entrepreneurial Mindset into your every day business activities to increase and enhance your business consistently.”

How to Apply Combined Cooperative Effort to Increase Your Wealth

What is Combined Cooperate Effort?” One famous economist in his text book writing about Specialization of Trade and Labor, referred to “Vertical Integration” and “Horizontal integration” in order to achieve economies of scale pertaining to increase wealth production.

His objective was to show how a country or an industry can greatly benefit from comparative advantage by producing more goods or services than another country or another industry. He also focuses on Specialization and Vertical Integration, as the main factor and dynamic driving force to achieve comparative advantage. The objective was to earn more money over competitors by establishing Comparative edge and Advantage.

He states that “

[quote style=”boxed”]when people combined their efforts in a collaborative, cooperative manner to complete a task, more production will increase.” [/quote]

As a result he has chosen vertical integration to explain the concept as the best production model. If a country can produce one unit in exchange for 2 units from another country at the same cost, it means that country enjoys comparative advantage over the other country.

Horizontal Integration Vs Vertical Integration Defined and Explained

[highlight]Horizontal Integration[/highlight]

Horizontal integration is when people are engaged in the same stages of production. As a result, it will take each person the same amount of time to complete a task. Adam Smith, the economist who wrote the theory on Specialization Of Trade, used the pin making industry to clearly explain the disadvantages of horizontal integration vs. the advantages of vertical integration. He further suggested that

[quote style=”boxed”]if one person were to make a pin, it would take him almost one year to produce one pin, which would be uneconomical, because he would have to perform and complete (all the tasks) the following task:[/quote]

1. One Person “Obtains the wire”

2. The same Person “Straighten the wire.”

3. The same person “Cut the wire”

4. The same person ”Sharpen the point.”

5. The same person “Make the bend.”

6 The same person “Make the Pin Head.”

7. The same person “Attached the head.”

8. The same person “Immerse the pin in the silver liquid for coating.”

Comparing Vertical Integration and Personal Development

[highlight]Vertical Integration[/highlight]

At this juncture, let me state that Personal development and Entrepreneurial Mindset can be compared to “Vertical Integration” to increase Wealth but will be explained below following this paragraph. Personal Development is crucial and imperative in order to be successful. You must take some to invest in your self through personal development that will prepare you to be able to become very dexterous at what you do, by performing the same task over and over. In essence you become highly skilled by specialization.

Like Vertical integration, Personal Development will equip and enable you with the tools you need. You will be able to perform your task almost flawlessly by repetition that will speed up your ability, your production, and increase your wealth. A quick look at Vertical Integration will explain the concepts.

[highlight]Vertical integration is when people are engaged in different stages of production. When people are engaged in different stages of production making a Pin, the following tasks are employed which speed up production, increase wealth, and therefore economies of scale is achieved. The same is true when you specialize in a particular “Niche,” You develop and expand your skills, your ability, professionalism, and your personal experience. [/highlight]

The Advantages of Specialization of and Division of Labor The Capstone for Success

1. One person obtains the wire

2. One person straightens the wire

3. One person cuts the wire.

4. One person sharpens the wire

5. One person makes the Ben

6. One person makes the head.

7. One person attaches the heads.

8. One Person dips the Pin in the silver liquid for coating.

[box]The lesson to learn here is, when a person specializes in a process by doing the same thing over and over, that person becomes very dexterous in performing that same task over and over without making any mistake. He can perform that task flawlessly with his eyes closed. Therefore, greater production will be achieved, and Out-Put will increase at a phenomenal rate as a result of each person’s contribution. Just to reiterate, although it takes One Year for a certain amount of people to Manufacture One Pin under “Horizontal Integration where people do not specialize, conversely, it will take the same amount of people who specialize to create one pin in “A Day” using the Vertical Integration concept and principle. This theory proves that specialization increases production resulting in iicreased wealth.[/box]

In order to be successful using this principle, you must grasp the concept, with an aim to achieve your goals and objective to succeed. You must play your part and contribute to the cause. If you contribute to and embrace the “Shared Vision,” you will certainly experience the increase in wealth, based on past proven results.

Creating Positive Entrepreneurs Mindset


Personal development

Personal growth

Creating Positive Entrepreneurs Mindset

What’s preventing you from creating quality content, is it because you are excited, and anxious to make money?

why can’t you  write about your passion even though you have the experience and knowledge?

You must take control of your entrepreneur mindset, settle down, put things into perspective and start prioritizing.

You have the intention and the information, wanting to extract the information out of your brain, but you are just too overwhelmed with a bunch of ideas and just cant seem to get started.

You cannot do it all in one day so therefore you have no alternative but to start organizing yourself, your ideas about your passion, and start writing.

A good place to start organizing and getting your thoughts and ideas together is by getting yourself this book [ilink url=”″]The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People[/ilink] ,  that has helped thousands of people around the world written by Dr. Stephen R. Covey.

You should approach it from this perspective, that you can’t get it done without you starting somewhere, and that is the only option you have.

You must approaching the concept with the attitude by keeping in mind the concept that you want to be successful and not just to make money or to create quality content and placing it on a blog because soon you will run out of ideas.

How Do I Start Organizing The Entrepreneurs Mindset?

Condition your mindset  and be ready for success. It means taking control of your mind with a purpose in mind. You should start invoking your assertiveness, with a level of consciousness.

The terminology “living in denial” seems offensive and as a result people try to dismiss the thought and concepts and try to ignore it.

This is the very hazard that’s blocking you from starting to present, arrange, organize, and placing your ideas on paper. You must confront and face the situation, accepting the facts that this is your road map to success.

I am inviting your comment on the topic as to whether or not a blogger should develop his/her entrepreneur’s mindset to maintain consistency, in order to achieve success.