How to Apply The force of Your Mindset Against Your Potential To Stay Focused and Win


Stay Focused and Win

Apply The force of Your Mindset

Recently I was just catching up with the latest news online and I coincidentally came a cross a post entitled Usain Bolt: Case Study In Science Of Sprinting. This article features the fastest sprinter on planet earth who broke his own record. My curiosity was aroused to find out the reason he ran faster than his competitors, based on the finding that leg turnover is the same.

Usually, I just scanned news article to get the main points, and move on, however, I continued reading until I came to the paragraph which read as follows, and I quote:

Logically, one would think that Bolt did so by moving his legs faster than anyone else. Only he didn’t. Speed, as it turns out, may be completely misunderstood. When Bolt established the current 100-meter world record in the 2009 world championships, running it in 9.58 seconds, he did so by moving his legs at virtually the same pace as his competitors. In fact, if you or I were to compete against Bolt, our legs would turn over at essentially the same rate as his.

This is a theory put forth by academics and track coaches alike who contend that running fast has more to do with the force one applies to the ground than how quickly one can move one’s legs. More than a decade ago, Peter Weyand, a science professor at Southern Methodist University, conducted a study on speed. Comparing athletes to non-athletes, Weyand clocked both test groups as they ran at their top speed. What he found shocked him.

“The amount of time to pick up a leg and put it down is very similar,” he says. “It surprised us when we first figured it out.” So if leg turnover is the same, how does one person run faster than another? Weyand discovered that speed is dependent upon two variables: The force with which one presses against the ground and how long one applies that force.

Read the Rest of The case Study here!

I am really excited about this finding which grabs my attention.  As I continued to read, my mind reflected on the entrepreneurs mindset that he  has to employ in order to win or in essence to succeed.  It brings into focus that one has to make the greatest effort by exerting the same force of the mindset against his potential, or in other words combining his potential with his mindset to win.

Let me  conclude by stating that one does not have to be a sprinter or an athlete in order to apply this principle, concept,  or application, but it can certainly be applied to various situation to achieve the same desired outcome to succeed.  This is my main reason for highlighting this article and sharing it with others.  I have certainly been motivated to and inspired by this principle.  Explicitly, I have been implementing this principle, concept, and application to my entire business approach relentlessly.

I will reiterate by stating  (from a philosophical perspective) that “the entrepreneur has to maintain “His  Mindset” that is focused on winning by pounding the ground of his potential and mindset harder to become a winner in his business in order to get to the mark. Simply stated, make consistent effort to keep the pressure on.

You can’t sit  around and just theorizing, you must take action because it is the starting point on which every aspect of your business will be built, in other words, the ground foundation that you will be pounding just like the sprinter. Secondly, I suggest you develop that positive mindset attitude to accomplish your objectives. Keep pounding at you keyboard with that determined mindset to win.

Then, this is where I believe like the sprinter, you start to pound the ground harder, and harder to create that momentum that will surely drive you to the winning mark. I look forward to hearing your perspective on such a remarkable discovery.

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