How to Get into the Mind of Your Potential Visitors to Convert

Getting into The mind

Getting into The mind

How to Get Into The Mind of your Potential Visitors to Convert the sale from your site

Recently I was analyzing the context and concept of both buyers and sellers mindset relating to a business transaction. What came to my mind was the philosophy of the sellers attitude and behavior in order to get the buyer to take action which would result in buying his product or in other words to initiate sale conversion.

The main factor that surfaced was “getting into the mind of the potential visitors” to stimulate, convince, provide quality, and finally get the visitors to take the necessary action based on their personal decision and belief.

This means that your visitors must see the facts and truth into your presentation based on the product and services you are offering. Therefore it is imperative, of utmost importance,  to get into the mindset of your visitors which is the domain where facts, reality, and logical decision making reside, in essence, these factors are seated in the mindset domain and must be activated and stimulated with facts.

On this premise, your visitors will be fully satisfied, will make the right decision and as a result will eliminate the dissonance factor (After purchase thought not being convinced as to whether or not he or she has made the right purchasing decision) which in some cases presents itself  after the sale is converted because the buyer or visitors was not convinced. In other words, the seller or as we often call him the affiliate marketers did not penetrate the mindset of the visitors.

Even though I was fully convinced that it is imperative to get into the mindset of your visitors, I still went in quest of  more relative information to further support my thought process and philosophy.

Fortunately I came upon this video which was created by Lisa a very successful affiliate marketer who was responding to a question directed to her as to “whom was her Mentor.” I carefully listened as she presented her answer in a very profound manner which was relevant, coincides with my belief, and basically, confirmed my thought, as a result I have integrated it to solidify my conclusion that it is important to get into the mind of your potential visitors.



The Objective of My Post

Find Resources that Will Inspire and Empower You to get Into The Mind of Your Potential Visitors to Convert the sale from your site.

The question may be asked, how do I get into the mind of my visitors?  This is absolutely the objective of my post. First of all you have to develop an analytical approach to your subject by focusing on every detail and aspect of  what you would like to accomplish, and also how you would like to accomplish it.

Now this might sound and look a bit difficult but it is not. It all depends on your potential which is the dynamic and driving force behind your success. This process starts with your mindset and determination. Just like Lisa mentioned in her video that she adapted her writing style.

Getting into the Mind

Getting into the Mind

In my opinion, she made a decision and a conscious effort to make her writing sing, which was heard and got attention. She took action and made it real. Simply stated, any person with that mindset can do the same to achieve success.

My main reason for this is to highlight the importance of personal development and personal growth in order to be able to establish a sense of awareness and recognition as the key elements, variables and factors that will enable you to recognize, implement, and adapt them to excel to unknown heights in your business. Therefore, it is imperative and of paramount importance to learn how to Get into the Mind of Your Potential Visitors.

I would like to learn your thought and concept on the subject through the extension of your contribution which also will expand the subject.

Please share your response!


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