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    1. Welcome to the official website of Suqian Huayi Concrete Co., Ltd.!
    2. Suqian Huayi Concrete Co., Ltd.
    3. About Huayi

      Making our due contributions to the commodity concrete business and the grand cause of development and construction of Suqian

      products · Widely used

      Our products have excellent performance in the supply of high quality concrete for bridge engineering, and are highly appraised by...

      No.4 Bridge at Shifu East Road, No.7 Bridge at Development Zone Road, Yangbei Canal Bridge, No.1 GuHuangHe Bridge, No.2 GuHuangHe Bridge, Suqian Canal Water Dam, Xihu Building, Sunshine Garden Residential Quarter, North District Sewage Treating Plant, Four Season Spring Shopping Center...

    4. Products

      Our company has powerful technical strength, advanced production equipment and professional engineers with rich experience. Our main products are various high quality and high performance concrete as pressure resistant C10-C60, perocolation resistant P6-P12, anti-freeze...

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    6. Add: No.555, Pudong Road, Suqian Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, China. (223800)
      Tel: +86-527-80700979
      Fax: +86-527-84560908
      E-mail: hy@sqhuayi.com

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